Design and integration
of embedded intelligence

Easy to integrate battery systems

EVE System designs the perfect, easy to install battery system to suit your specifications.

EVE System has a complete range of battery solutions, from low voltage to industrial systems of up to 1,000 V. We can integrate module or cell solutions to suit all types of environment. Our BMS cover all chemical types available today, from lead to lithium, and a full range of powerful and energy-saving batteries.

If necessary, we can also integrate energy converters, such as chargers, inverters and voltage converters, in our battery systems.

Our work to date? Battery systems for a 0.5 kWh lawn tractor, a 20 kWh urban electric vehicle, 80 kWh tractors, 250 kWh heavy lifting machinery and 400+ kWh service vessels.





since 2012


20 years'